• Image of OFBC Classic Beard Balm

Small, medium, or large beard, our classic beard balm is for you! Super pliable with amazing conditioning properties this awesome new product will help you style that beard and give it an awesome smell + shine!

Scent description:

1803: Sweet, subtle yet bold. Vanilla and sandalwood meets patchouli and peppermint to bring you a very pleasant scent.

Iron Ore: Spicy, minty, smoky.

Vanilla & Lime: Vanilla and Lime.

Spi-trus: Citrus and Spice blend.

Walter: Woody, MANLY, strong yet subtle.

Sub-Zero: Icy, refreshing, cool.

Phantom: Scentless.

Liberty: FREEDOM! Wood tones mixed with vanilla and hits of citrus.

Berserker Blend: Leather mixed with smoke and wood tones.
(Think viking battle gear)

Civil War: Cherry pipe tobacco.

Washington's Cut: Cherry tones mixed with cedar and sandalwood. America!

Saviors Blend: Inspired by the savior of mankind this oil is an awesome mix of frankincense and myrrh essentials. Beautifully wrapped in gold labeling.