• Image of Complete Beard care kit.

Includes 1oz Beard Oil, 2oz classic beard balm, 3oz Appalachian beard wash and a boar bristle brush enclosed in a custom stamped OFBC gift bag.(BOAR BRUSH MAY VARY DUE TO AVAILABILITY)


Iron Ore: Spicy, minty, smoky.

Vanilla & Lime: Vanilla, lime.

Spi-trus: Citrus and spice blend

Walter: Woody, MANLY, Subtle yet strong

Sub-Zero: Icy, refreshing, cool


Liberty: FREEDOM🇺🇸🦅⚡️👊🏼! Wood tones mixed with vanilla and hits of citrus.

Berserker Blend: Leather mixed with smoky and wood tones. (Think viking battle gear)

Civil War: Tobacco pipe, smoky. Sweet.

Washington's Cut: Cherry tones mixed with cedar and sandalwood. America!

1803: Sweet, subtle yet bold. Vanilla and sandalwood meets patchouli and peppermint to bring you a very pleasant scent.